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An infestation of bees at a residence or business can pose a serious threat to people or pets in the area and must be dealt with by experienced trained professionals. Whenever people have a problem with bees on their property it is usually one of two things. A swarm of bees looking for a crack or hole to establish a new colony or an already established hive that went unnoticed by the homeowner until it is too late.

Bee Hive Removal:

The presence of bees around a home or public places can be a threatening sign for the very young, elderly people and pets. Bees find strange and acutely narrow places to make a home (hive) and stay hidden for long periods of time and when you first notice them, you already have a mature hive with honey combs, honey and brood (larvae) that must be dealt with by a professional. You cannot take the risk of not doing anything and waiting for something bad to happen first, before you call an expert professional. Some people try to do the removal themselves and try to spray the bees with chemicals bought at a home improvement store but believe me, it is the wrong thing to do because that is not the proper material to deal with bees. You need to be licensed by the State of Florida to be able to buy the restricted pesticides that you need to do the proper job. You are only going to make them angry and expose your family, pets and neighbors to a harmful situation. Let the experts with the right materials and the expertise to take care of a potentially very dangerous situation

Rely On Expert Professionals To Protect Your Family And Property

We have highly competent professionals that are PCO’S, Pest Control Operators that are fully licensed by the State of Florida and fully trained to deal with any honey bee situation whatever it may be. For that, we have the latest techniques in the industry, safest chemicals and more important, the expertise to do the job right the first time.

Safety Measures Used By A Professional

When we arrive at the job, first order of business is to make an inspection of the local where the bees have infested and analyze what would be the best course of action for that particular situation. Our priority is safety first. No two jobs are the same. The hardest part is to know exactly where the bees are locate so, in case we have to open the area to expose the hive, we have the option of causing minimum damage to the structure and at the same time, being always conscious of the danger for the family, pets and neighbors when the hive is exposed.
Once the hive is exposed we can choose immediate and swift neutralization of the bees with a very fast knock down agent or do a live removal if is requested by the customer.

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